Award of the art competition for the new building of the 48th primary school in Berlin

Künstler*innen: Ulrike Seyboth & Ingo Fröhlich | Award winners of the art competition in architecture
„Alles schwingt! Klangskulptur zum Mitmachen/Sound sculpture to play with

The almost room-high, wooden sound tubes, which have an immediate spatial presence and can also be played as instrumental resonators and thus be perceived acoustically, mark places of encounter within the school building in the sense of the orientation of the 48th primary school as a musical school according to the concept of Daniel Barenboim with Montessori pedagogy.

The design of a multi-part sound sculpture was positively appreciated by the jury above all because of its long-term interactive potential. It offers – according to the unanimous assessment of the jury – the possibility to explore and experience auditory experiences independently or in collaborative project work over several generations of pupils. The installation also impresses with its special, haptically interesting and sustainably conceived materiality. Unlike technical devices, the material (local maple) ages in a positive way. The work extends over several storeys, with the pitch of the sound tubes increasing as the number of storeys rises. Similar to a pan flute, the sound tubes are arranged concave and increasing in size, creating a clear division of space. The work is unpretentious, simple in a positive way and sustainable in terms of both material and content.