ALLES SCHWINGT! Sound sculptures to play along with

Artists: Ulrike Seyboth & Ingo Fröhlich
Art on architecture | Maria Leo Primary School | Conrade Blenkle Str. 20 | Berlin
28.09.2023 | 3.30 + 4.30 pm
Music performance: Robyn Schulkowsky & Joey Baron (percussions)
Introduction: Frizzi Krella (art historian)

The Kunst am Bau work comprises five sound sculptures installed in the entrance hall of the school building and across floors up to the third floor. Each level of the building is given its own tonality. In poetic interplay, they form the „sound“ of the school. Starting from dark, deep-sounding sound tubes in the foyer (earth), further sound tubes are installed from the first to the third upper floor (plants, animals, sky) and form the sonorous whole in the common togetherness of the school.

My studio | 2023 | Berlin | foto © Hermann Bredehorst