Salles Saint-Pierre & la Fabrique | 8900 Avallon (Burgundy/France)
Exhibition in Tribute to Max-Pol Fouchet
Exhibiting artists*: Reynold Arnould, Robert Combas, Anne-Lise Dehée, Joël Desbouiges, Hervé Di Rosa, FRANTZ, Ingo Fröhlich, Gilles Gally, HAWAD, Alix Le Méléder, M’an Jeanne, Marie Morel, Daniel Robert, Max Sschoendorf, Ulrike Seyboth, Gilles Stassart, Claude Stassart-Springer, Robert Tatin, Pierre-Emmanuel, Weck, Pierre Zanzucchi
10.7. – 15.11.2020
Vernissage: September 11, 2020

This singular exhibition celebrates both the poet Max-Pol Fouchet and Freedom – common good and unchanging value – as a fundamental figurehead. The exhibition brings together the works of some thirty artists (visual artists, such as painters, sculptors, draughtsmen, photographers, etc.) and writers, poets, some of whom still knew Max-Pol Fouchet. Together, they illustrate in a concrete way our commitment to all the freedoms that currently seem to be threatened by a cold recoil of populism or even fascism in our age, similar to the 1930s. Creating art also always means to resist somewhere and in some way.

The exhibition is accompanied by the catalogue Liberté FIGURE DE PROUE.