Torstraße 111  ̶  Forum für zeitgenössische Kunst Berlin e. V.
Project management of the exhibition UNTER BLAUEM HIMMEL
Solo exhibition: Frenzy Höhne, Concept Art
23.9. – 13.10.2018
Vernissage: Saturday, 22 September 2018, from 4 pm
Opening hours: Wednesday – Sunday: Wednesday – Sunday, 2 – 7 pm
Guided tours through the exhibition: 27 + 29.09. and 07 + 10.10.2018, 4.30 pm

Where sticky notes become a monument and bookmark ribbons become a living waterfall, where the ‚good‘ dissolves into the ‚even better‘ and small German flags form a front that segregates a nerve-racking hymn cacophony, you stand ‚UNTER BLAUEM HIMMEL‘, in the midst of the conceptual world of the Leipzig conceptual artist Frenzy Höhne, who knows how to develop significant images of our contemporary society from everyday objects in a humorous, sensitive and very apt way.

The works of Frenzy Höhne are exciting, multi-layered and remarkably direct, which we will present to you in an extensive solo exhibition from 23.09. to 13.10.2018. in the Torstraße 111  ̶  Forum für zeitgenössische Kunst e. V. (Forum for Contemporary Art).

Image © Frenzy Höhne